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BLANCO has over 95 years’ experience, engineering industry leading products in a range of quality materials. Today, having sold over 50 million kitchen sinks and solutions, BLANCO are one of the most successful kitchen sink manufacturers in the world.

Sink, taps and more

On average, we spend 60% of our time in the kitchen at the sink - preparing, cooking and clearing up; sinks, taps, bins and in-cabinet organisers are among the most frequently used items in the modern kitchen. So, it’s important to invest in a quality brand you can trust.

The BLANCO brand is synonymous with high-quality sinks, taps, bins and clever kitchen solutions such as in-cabinet organisers, the smartest of mixer taps and ingenious accessories. Designed and engineered in Germany, BLANCO products are globally renowned for exceptional quality, first-class aesthetics, functional superiority and a versatile range to suit all kitchen styles.

Our multifunctional designs will help you make the busiest area of your kitchen flow as efficiently as possible while our innovations in sustainability will help you be as environmentally friendly as possible. Seamless selections of kitchen sink, mixer tap, accessories and integrated storage or waste management combine in, what we call, the BLANCO UNIT. A time-saving, space-saving, creative hub at the heart of your home, making kitchen life easier every day.

Material Innovation

With close to 100 years expertise in working metals, and specifically stainless steel, BLANCO’s team in Germany are among the most experienced in the world and the company is one of the longest-running manufacturers of stainless steel kitchen products.

Silgranit® is our global market leading stone composite material. Developed by BLANCO more than 30 years ago and refined into the amazingly strong, hygienic, tactile and versatile material that we use to create our ranges today. Available in a pallet of ten classic and on-trend colours, in a huge variety of beautiful designs to suit most kitchen styles.

Ceramic is a traditional choice for kitchen sinks, it’s deep glazed finish is hardwearing, heat-proof and incredibly scratch and stain resistant. We have stunning farmhouse and traditional sinks, as well as more contemporary models available in our wonderfully luxurious fireclay ceramic ranges.

Smart-Tech Innovations

Innovation, function and style are the key principles in the BLANCO Smart Tap range. A boiling water tap will save time when cooking or making hot drinks as well as saving energy, compared to using a kettle or hob to boil water. A measuring function helps avoid water wastage - simply select the amount of water you want, and it is delivered at the touch of a button. Sensor controlled flows that turns on and off with a wave of a hand, create super-hygienic touch-free spaces. Simply pure, expertly filtered water every time, when it’s delivered through a unique dual hose system and separate nozzle in one extremely practical pull-out spray design.

One of BLANCO's primary aims is to ensure that the highest standards apply in terms of the quality of materials and production. Not a single sink leaves production without undergoing quality checks with an entire team responsible for making sure that the high-quality standards are observed in every single part of the company.

Since the company was established in Germany way back in 1925, it was founded on the principle of offering the best in terms of design, function and innovation. Whilst the products may have changed considerably in response to changing times and needs, BLANCO’s commitment to quality and service remains as firm as ever. Helping people create their perfect kitchen has always been at the heart of the business. And it always will be.


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