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Think Differently about Blum

When someone specify Blum products, they are signing up for more than hinges and drawer boxes. The Blum philosophy means that all touch points of their products need to be satisfied, with not only a superior product, but also technical expertise, training, aids in selling and end user satisfaction, enabled with their matchless Lifetime Guarantee on all products.


The innovative and popular Space Tower larder unit is the most efficient way of providing maximum storage space in a given area – up to 55% more useable space compared with fixed shelves. Each internal pull-out, be it LEGRABOX Pure, LEGRABOX Free or TANDEMBOX antaro is individually fully extendable so there is no need to leave a void above each drawer for the removal of items, and the contents are wholly visible and accessible on three sides. Drawers can be up to 650mm deep and there are nine widths available, from 300mm to 1200mm.

New runner

Our Blumotion S runner works with three opening/closing technologies; SERVO-DRIVE, Blum’s electric opening system for pull-outs; Tip-On BLUMOTION which is a mechanical opening system (Tip-On), combined with Blumotion soft-close; and simple BLUMOTION – Blum’s tried and tested soft close mechanism.

Wall units

Lift-up motion for wall cabinet doors means the door does not intrude into the room so is an advantage for smaller kitchens and bathrooms. Blum’s AVENTOS lift systems provide a system to suit even heavy doors, ensuring they can be opened all the way up or with a mid-stop function. Open with AVENTOS, close with soft-close BLUMOTION, adding SERVO-DRIVE or TIP-ON technology for ease of opening handleless doors. There are four families of AVENTOS, choose from AVENTOS HF bi-fold upwards opening; AVENTOS HS swing up and over; AVENTOS HL upward parallel front lift and AVENTOS HK with upward pivot fronts.

Hinge Benefits

Blum hinges have been refined over many years of research and now provide intricate and reliable performance. The CLIP top BLUMOTION hinge combines ease of assembly (just clip the hinge into place) with near perfect motion, and integrated BLUMOTION closing – ensuring a silent smooth closing action. The CRISTALLO hinge for glass and mirrored doors has super-accurate stability and the new EXPANDO T hinge, a German Design Award winner, is designed for ultra-thin (from 8mm) door fronts, a growing trend in kitchen design.

Blum storage solutions are found in all good kitchens, contact Blum to find your nearest retailer.

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