Davonport 2021.3


Davonport was founded in 1996 by Richard Davonport. Combining traditional cabinet making skills with resourceful building techniques, Richard very quickly established high standards for his work, creating furniture designs without compromise. Today, Davonport has established partnerships with numerous independent design studios and interior designers across London and the Home Counties.

All Davonport furniture is custom-built, handmade to order in our workshops on the Essex & Suffok border using only the highest quality raw materials. Every piece of furniture we make is entirely bespoke; there are no ‘off the shelf’ solutions. This means that our designers start every project with a totally fresh perspective, ready to create something incredible and 100% unique to you.

Despite the success of the brand and size of the business, Richard Davonport’s ethos remains the same as it did when he opened his very first workshop; a strong focus on quality materials, traditional craftmanship and creating furniture without compromise. As he says, ‘It’s not just a job as the furniture we make carries my name!"  

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