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Arriving home after a day out, you put your key in the front door. How do you want to feel as you step inside?

Dowsing & Reynolds believes it's how a room or space makes you feel that's going to make a house feel like your home when it comes to interior design and home renovation.

Perhaps you want to be welcomed in your hallway, inspired in your kitchen, cosy in your living room and calm in your bedroom. Whatever the feeling you're looking to create, it's often the little things that have the most significant impact.

Dowsing & Reynolds specialises in detail. They are passionate about improving the aesthetics of everyday things. Curious to see how they can make the often-overlooked, boring items in a home more beautiful.

The subtle beauty of a light switch and how pleasing it sounds as you turn it on. The way a kitchen handle feels to the touch as you open a cupboard or drawer: a statement light that creates just the right ambience and a focal point in your room.

Gorgeous bubble chandeliers that float across your ceiling, Miami pink taps in your kitchen or bathroom, beautiful extra large gold knurled handles on your wardrobes. A graffiti wallpaper feature in your lounge with Smoked gold switches and sockets. It's surprising little details like this that reflect your personality.

Family and friends owned and run, Dowsing & Reynolds was launched in 2012 by James Dowsing-Reynolds after his wife and future co-owner Ally noticed the similarities between his concrete sculptures and expensive concrete light fittings in a magazine.

Fast forward to 2021, and Dowsing & Reynolds' design-led home fixtures and fittings now include:

  • Lighting and accessories
  • Taps and showers
  • Switches and sockets
  • Cupboard and internal door handles
  • Shelving and brackets
  • Paint and wallpaper
  • Artificial and preserved/dried plants

Create a home that speaks to your unique personality, and it will always feel like your special place.

Tel: 0113 819 9985


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