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Hotpoint is a major domestic appliance manufacturer that offers reliable products of high quality. Innovations from Hotpoint are driven by consumer needs, with appliances empowering the user to care for what they value most. Whether it’s keeping vegetables fresh for as long as possible, cooking your favourite recipes for a family meal or removing stains from your favourite jumper, Hotpoint understands how much value there is in these small everyday tasks.

Hotpoint provides appliances with a variety of benefits and lots of flexibility, so you can live your life exactly the way you want. Hotpoint is passionate about sustainable innovations and advanced technologies, as well as a clean and contemporary design that leaves a lasting impression.


Hotpoint offers a complete range of built-in cooking appliances to create a highly functional and sleek focal point in the kitchen. The pioneering Hotpoint Class 9 range of built-in cooking appliances is designed with a modern state-of-the-art aesthetic and crafted from high quality materials to make a powerful and distinctive design statement. The cornerstone of these appliances, however, is not only their incredible design credentials but their impressive functionality.

The black glass and stainless steel appliances evoke a sophisticated and elegant appearance and the range features intuitive controls and extraordinary performance that helps the user care for the things that matter most.

The perfectly coordinated suite of Hotpoint Class 9 appliances includes a multifunction pyrolytic oven, steam oven, microwave oven, coffee machine and a warming drawer. The Hotpoint Class 9 range of built-in cooking appliances blends effortlessly with modern materials and finishes in the kitchen, creating a feeling of space throughout the area.


Hotpoint believes that no food should be wasted and encourages consumers to become more sustainable, by providing practical solutions to reduce food waste at home. In light of this, Hotpoint cooling appliances provide the ultimate freshness for food and keep it fresh for longer, thanks to innovative Day 1 technology.

Benefits of Day 1 technology include Active Oxygen technology, which removes odours from the fridge and keeps bacteria at bay, a Fresh Zone+ compartment that makes storing fresh fruit and vegetables truly effortless and a Fresh Zone 0°C compartment, which maintains a temperature of around 0°C, perfect for storing fresh meat, fish and cheese.

Hotpoint also understands the importance of capacity and space management in refrigeration and develops cooling appliances with impressive capacities and flexible solutions to customise the space available.


Stain removal and protection of clothes is of utmost importance to Hotpoint. ActiveCare technology by Hotpoint is one of the latest technical innovations in laundry and is a series of three technologies: Active Mousse, Active Drum and Active Load, which work together to remove tough and stubborn stains. The range of Hotpoint ActiveCare washing machines removes more than 100 stains at just 20˚C1, providing outstanding results whilst keeping clothes and their colours safe.

Furthermore, the Hotpoint range of ActiveCare tumble dryers take care of clothes during drying. ActiveCare tumble dryer technology is a combination of two innovations, Anti-Stress Movements and Perfect Temperature Control, which together prevent clothes from wearing out.

The ActiveCare range boasts a fresh and contemporary design. Large and easy to access doors make it easier to load and unload laundry. What’s more, the ultra-clear display is effortless to read and features a touch-button user interface, making operation smooth and straightforward.


Hotpoint dishwashers come in a range of different types including freestanding, fully and partially integrated. There are also slimline and full size models, to suit different homes and consumer needs. Hotpoint dishwashers are available up to an energy class of ‘A++’, so you can feel comfortable in the knowledge that you save on your utility bills by using a resource efficient appliance.

3D Zone Wash technology, in Hotpoint dishwashers, delivers breakthrough performance thanks to a series of three additional spray components, which efficiently remove stubborn baked-on food without increasing water consumption. The combined action of the three additional spray components, in conjunction with the variable speed motor, Hotpoint’s most advanced motor yet, ensures the best possible performance.


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