Kitchen Stori

Kitchen Stori offers a beautiful kitchen collection to include a diverse range of materials, finishes, colours and styles. Through a network of approved retailers throughout the UK & Ireland, we expertly create living spaces which are designed to inspire life indoors.

Choose from a comprehensive selection of doors and accessories in an array of trendy paint colours. Opt for integrated pull-out bins or corner pull out solutions to help bring organisation to your kitchen space.  Consider finishing touches such as handles and the latest innovative LED lighting options which can truly bring your design to life.

Our beyond the kitchen concept also gives you opportunities to seamlessly integrate with other areas in your home such as design options for bootrooms, walk-in pantries, home offices and even complimentary furniture such as console tables and media units.

So, whether you possess a flair for the dramatic, prefer a serene oasis or want to steep yourself in traditional comfort, your own ‘personal’ style can be achieved.


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